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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bob Dylan - Skin Deep

I was in the gym a few weeks ago and did a total double take, or should I say triple take.  Sitting down on the bench press, I recognized a prominent member of the community, a man who was on the school board for years, and whose left arm bore these images of Bob Dylan.

Jim Hutcherson is a longtime fan of Dylan's. We got to talking, had the same favorites (Blood on the tracks, Nashville Skyline, Blonde on Blonde) and saw a lot of the same tours. He put the poet laureate's image up close and personal in ink for eternity. Jim is an educator and is 62 years old.

The work was done by Greg at Body Graphics in Temecula. I am not a huge fan of tattoos but this one was so amazing that I begged him to let me put photos up on the blog.  He graciously acquiesced. Click on the individual photos and look at the incredible detail and artistry. He may add another image.  I am voting for early protest Bob.

The three pictures are I believe from top to bottom clockwise, the 2006 Rolling Stone cover, Reynaldo and Clara and Don't look back. I am totally impressed. Bravo Jim.


grumpy said...

i'm pretty sure the third picture of His Bobness is off the back cover of Bringing It All Back Home, taken during a studio session; anyways it's from the same era as the Don't Look Back tour.

grumpy said...

i just wanted to mention, "Most of the Time", which you posted, is excellent; i feel it's one of Bob's best songs; and i prefer this version (it sounds like a demo) to the original, which got the Lanois treatment.