Peregrine flight

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ring Job

Conservative talking heads are positively giddy that Chicago has been rebuffed in its effort to host the 2016 Olympic Games. We are supposed to extrapolate that Chicago's rejection is somehow linked to an international repudiation of Obamaism, whatever that is.

Beck, Limbaugh, Malkin, Drudge and  The Weekly Standard are all celebrating wildly. I'm not going to furnish the links, you can seek them out yourself, I promise they are there. Hey maybe, the world just thinks that America gets everything it wants, all the time. South America has never hosted an Olympics. They are due. So it won't be Chicago. Big deal.

It is a bit unsightly to see so many angry white men cheering, but hey that's politics in the ought years. I remember a time in the not too distant past when sport was off limits to politics and we all acted like americans. The hunger to tear Obama down is palpable.  Yes, much the way I felt about his predecessor. But I wasn't rooting for him to fail. It is after all, our country.  We just had a little disagreement over the objectives.

You know someday I am sure that the republicans will once again ascend the pedestal and grab the reins of power. Preferably not with a military coup or a violent populist uprising.  But there are too many dimwitted people around who get their facts from the a.m. radio dial. So chances are real good that it will happen.

And when you guys are back in the drivers seat, and you are calling for a little bipartisan help, I will be the first to say, go fuck yourself. Because of the way you have treated this president. Who, in my opinion, has been a little too timid.  And if you decide to take me up on my suggestion I hope you let me film it.  Maybe we can turn it into an Olympic event.