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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mr. President?

Our president has disappointed me on several fronts. Nothing terminal yet but I think he has mishandled a few things. Continuing Bush era policies on civil liberties, including warrantless wiretapping. Backtracking on some environmental issues. Not repealing "Don't ask, don't tell." Several other matters that I don't need to broach.

He's still my guy and I support him, but I think he has kowtowed to an opposition that means to dismember him and he is playing their game.  Guess he won't get one republican house vote on health care.

Anyway, I salute him for trying to institute change in our inertial society. Can't be easy. But he does seem to be a bit of a pussy at times.

I have taken this president at his word on several issues.  I want to believe that he will treat Israel and the Palestinians in an even handed fashion. I hope that he will protect the sanctity of our environment and National Parks. One thing that the president stated early on was that the federal government would respect the state's marijuana laws including Proposition 215 in California.

Unfortunately there appears to be a disconnect between word and deed. The head of the DEA, in a turf guarding statement last week, said that law enforcement must be a player in any drug policy scenario or shift. Last week, James Dean Stacy, a marijuana cooperative owner in Vista, was federally indicted after conducting his business in a way that was precisely outlined in state's propositions 215 and 420.  Donna Lambert, Eugene Davidovich and many other innocent victims are facing draconian penalties while seemingly following state law in a letter perfect way.

Now Steve Cooley, District Attorney of Los Angeles, has joined the San Diego D.A., Bonnie Dumanis, in trying to outlaw cooperatives. The city of Fresno is also undertaking similar actions. The law says that cooperative owners can reasonably charge to recoup their costs. The D.A.'s say that any money exchanged is illegal. They are trying to zone  dispensaries out of existence. Dumanis says that patients need to grow their own. Who can take them at their word?

Now as a proud marijuana user who has been helped through kidney cancer, bladder cancer, ureter cancer, open heart surgery, etc. by the evil weed, which allowed me not to use any narcotics post surgery, I have to cry foul. I can't believe their intention is merely to lower the price of grass, which I agree is too high. Somehow, I don't think they care.

I smoked pot prior to being sick and I am honest enough to admit it. If Obama wants to do something positive and get his constituency engaged again, he will push for legalization now and stop this silly drug war. There was an article in the New York Times this week about how Mexican cartels are suffering financially because domestic marijuana growers are cutting into their turf. Time to BUY AMERICAN! If the president does not call off his dogs and turns out to be prevaricating on his intentions to respect state's rights on this issue, he will lose me. He needs to have the balls to set policy and to see it followed through by the ranks.

Californians need to draft a new proposition that these troglodytes can't dismember.  And they need to take names and remember during the next elections.  These tin horn sheriffs care about one thing and that is their own power. Time they start looking for new jobs.


grumpy said...

i don't smoke anymore but i completely agree with you on this issue.

Daisy Deadhead said...

YES, FREE THE WEED! It is so much safer for your liver than most other drugs.