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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The Gop has a new website up and its a beaut. It has a bright red banner to go with its red state leaning and freshly washed faces of the "new" GOP. The tomato red banner is so red in fact that I immediately thought of the communist party. I tried to get on and comment but unfortunately it's as buggy as a mississippi diner on an august catfish night.

There are actual polls up on the site such as the following-

Barack Obama is now eligible for the following award:

   a. Heisman Trophy
    b. Bud Light's real men of genius
    c. America's top ten model

So, please check it out, it's really quite sophomoric and about what you might expect from Michael Steele and cohorts.

I wanted to chime in my two cents on "Why I am a Republican" but the thing kept breaking down so here goes:

I am a Republican because I was lucky enough to be born a have and I don't want the "havenots" sniffing around my business.

I am a Republican because it's the party Jesus belonged to.

I am a Republican because I want to go on golf junkets with Jack Abramoff. Or is it too late?

I am a Republican because the infidels need to be bombed into submission.

I am a Republican because we are the party of personal liberty and responsibility - except for that abortion thing.

I am a Republican because Sarah Palin is so hot.

I am a Republican because it is the party that doesn't recognize racial distinctions, like those bigoted democrats.

I am a Republican because the socialist environmentalists have been holding up progress for far too long and god says it's time to drill.

I am a Republican because I pay far too many taxes... to pay for the wars we start.


Linda Mandrayar said...

I think you have too much time on your hands. I vote Republican because I would rather vote for an elephant than a donkey.Is that sophomoric enough for you? I want to know why you vote Democrat instead.

Anonymous said...

I am a republican cause chicks think were hot.

Anonymous said...

I am a Republican because there's no nazi party to vote for and they seem to be the next best thing!

North County Film Club said...

Boy, you're good at getting into the heads of Republicans.
I'm a Democrat because of the opposite of everything you just said.