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Sunday, October 18, 2009


I have a really smart friend named Warren who lives in town. He reads the blast but has never contributed. Warren was a riverboat gambler and Wall St. trader who retired here. Can quote Tolstoy at the drop of a hat. Just came back from Berlin on a fact finding vacation.

Saw him on the street this morning and we dabbled in Wittgenstein, did a Hegel 360, landed on Spinnoza and then I Kant find my way home. Gave me a signed typescript of his friend Denise Levertov's poem,"The Pilots", to sell for him.

He just sent this over. I love the line about fascism being hereditary. Thanks, Bub.

what James Agee once labeled the pretentious audacity of Hollywood ...as "safe fearlessness" has never been more manifest and apparent today as corporate stenographers self proclaim themselves as reporters......while the press preened when Katy Couric trapped Sarah palin in asking her "what books she read...no one pointed out that it might be the dumbest and most irrelevant question that should be asked the ...ole heart beat away from the presidency candidate.......The United States is the sole country where a candidate can run for national office and not be obligated to give even a single un-scripted interview...the debates..as opposed to the often cited historic Lincoln/Douglass ones are really nothing but a form of political slow pitch....now that Lynne Cheney has thrown her helmet into the ring there emerges not only this characteristic of so called political discourse...but other issues. First of all her "hatching gives proof that fascism is hereditary and in many instance the "mere transmission on the male side of a specific gene...although in this instance the feminine contribution is not far behind.....in the law a  judge must be recused if there "is the even the slightest appearance of bias or impropriety......why not simply ask Lynn that while she is so accusatory and agitated about the" Nobel Prize Obama conspiracy" that it should be given to the soldiers here father has placed in Iraq.....that maybe her "dad" who is/was president of halliburton all his ill earned $$$ profits could also give thaw a "toss" in that direction....for the record Halliburton is the major military contractor in Iraq (Actually its spun off subsidiary KBR - Ed.) and adding icing on the cake is presently electrocuting army personal with its short circuited showers in army installations ...they are also the major target of the GAO investigation of enormous cost over runs and out right stealing of $$$$$....i would think that this would snugly fit any
interpretation...of the mere appearance of impropriety...not even the much mourned Tim Russert the dean of "safe fearlessness' would ever approach this area....i think i can safely assert the maxim of even a first year law student of the "but for rule ...in this instance ...but for profit$$$ there would be very few wars........even olbermann and maddow...all respect due....never pierce the ...so called corporate shield that disjoints $$$$ profits...3 weeks ago there was a national out break of "pink" to fight breast cancer...of which my brother died....self preening media and charity cheer leading as $millions were raised by walking and baking cakes...well enough but the sums would be very hard pressed to finance ...shall we say..."drones for a day" as they ravage and kill civilians in Afghanistan...the.media not only self- silenced...but strictly enforced sanctions should this even be hinted at...as we said in the 60s...how about "bake sales...for the
B-1 bomber and the war {hidden behind the word.."defence} department allocate major $$$ for what we all really need..."defense from.......

And more from Warren: my agent will call in the morning....all kidding aside thank you so very much...as being posted on your blog is very complimentary...the visual and aesthetic aspect has been most pleasurable.....how ever i would like to know where i might go.........2 ideas....various  asides and question the JFK murder...that is what  wrote my master's thesis.....JFK assassination and American foreign policy......now this is a teaser....when you view L/Riefen....film Olympiad.....what is characteristic of all the women athletes there, but its absence in America has reached taboo levels ...  ....the thesis i propose is the de-eroticism and sexual repression of American women under the guise of sexual liberation.......many more ideas such as // between ...Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and now Afghanistan...for a historical analysis...the fall of the $$ and the historical essence of "empire....etc....give me a buzz when you have some time on the olmpiad riddle.....thanks for editing as this is the main inhibiting factor for me.......my brother Stuart after recovery earned a phi beta kappa at "U' in Minnesota and is very ahead of me in some areas and would love to contribute......i call him...'google...

and finally from Warren - the de-eroticization of women in modern society:

Sigmund Freud identified two basic necessities for the inception of human civilization......the first was the controlling of violence...."civilization was born when human beings threw metaphors in place of rocks........the second was the strict control of unbridled sexuality lest it destroy the basic structure of civilization itself.........[1].....historically sexuality has been enforced by severe prohibitions and value judgments which invariably place the burden of onus on the woman.....the essence of all religions can be viewed  as the realization of a knowing consciousness that human life is finite and the fear of the consequences of death........the other primal factor is the circumscription and danger that will result be the unchecked existenceof female sexuality      which the male disguises and enforces under the guise of morality on the female...... in Islam the fear of the male  is directly tied to the berka and and covering of the total body ......in orthodox Judaism.....the wearing of a wig to hide the natural hair and literally non physical contact between the sexes in public culminating in the concept of women being inherently dirty and during her menstrual cycle that they must re-purify themselves by going to religious bath termed the mikva...Christianity historically from the temptress jezebel......... to the present the denial of women of and having commensurate sexual pleasure  in the orgasm  this in reality also in the male simply dominating the sexual act... in primitive societies this can take the grotesque form even of  the "brutal right of clitoral circumcision"....in recent time we have seen the chemically induced male erection to prevent the assumed dominance of the women by male non performance in .....the societal stigma of the aggressive woman seeking ...maybe pure sexual satisfaction has given rise to the word 'slutwhich simply has no male equivalent that denigrates male sexual promiscuity.....i could assuredly say that if "men bore children abortion would be a sacrament in many faiths........no doubt there have been many societal strides and loosening of prohibitions pertaining to women after a long and arduous struggle in the basic civil rights of women suffrage and even grudging contra to the resentment and actual harassment as women enter the work force and prestigious positions....the successful ........what interests me are the conditions that seemingly attach to the equalization and purported "acceptance of women in the modern  "right" of acceptance of their sexuality....the metaphor i  would employ is that of a see saw...as the side of female sexuality rises there has always been a price to pay in that the other side or eroticism inevitably diminishes........ in modern times the price that is paid is the lose of unbridled eroticism as payment for overt and seemingly sexual equality......not withstanding  the endless blather on popular talk shows in conjunction with the endless stream of self help and realization books.........one of the most primitive aspects of eroticism  the freedoms of the body in  its natural odors and the  unconditioned control of visual display...has resulted in the  role of natural odors as an aphrodisiac as a tenet that is undeniable documented in the evolutionaryprocess......... to that of outright revulsion modern times  to  be eliminated by and endless stream of perfumes and deodorants,,,,,,,....this process de-erotocizes...

147 +++ dead and a pile of arms and legs in Iraq.....14 US dead in Afghanistan....and the politicians staunchly defend this slaughter as they go home to their high rise security buildings.......and no one gets it....stay the course .... don"t cut and run....in reality only moiles cut and run not countries....    the world is our sand box..........Kerry with his arm around kharzi calling him "a statesman in[of] the largest narco- state in the world with his own brother running the trade......if soooo many people were not getting slaughtered this would be a  Marx brothers movie with Captain Spaulding in charge............


Anonymous said...
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brett stokes said...

firstly women have half the money and all the Vagina,what's the problem? Wise women blblicaly and on up through modern times have known the value of seduction. the problem lies in that only wise and beautiful women could pull this off. re bathsheba ,delila etc. the problemcontinues in that women envy masculine power rather than the feminine,the Burka was invented so ugly girls could engage on a more level playing field. but alas the sheep got the golden ring. All kidding aside, respect should in a perfect world be our moral compass but the human animal. when confronted with lust, is pretty much lost to the wild kingdom.They've come a long way baby, crashed through the glass ceiling, developed stress related heart disease,and still cry foul when dad goes for the younger ,newer model, I don't know the answer, i don't even remember the Question.Life is not fair,thank god.