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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Look at the Birdie

There is a great heretofore unpublished Kurt Vonnegut short story in today's Los Angeles Times. I look forward to the new posthumous book from the master.

BigDave, in an attempted extortion/blackmail attempt sent me this picture of myself in college in my islamic terrorist at the beach get up. I won't pay up, you bastard. (shaking his fist in the air)

Millard sent me the excellent book, I killed, a compilation of stand up comedian road tales.

We have been on the total reading jag, especially Les, who is often up at 2 or 3 in the morning lost in a book lately.

Scott loaned me Cloutier's Advanced No Limit Poker book. I think I want to learn the game.

Les has read Dan Brown's new one, and Phillipa somebody who wrote the Other Bolyn Girl.

All is cool - I blind called an 8 off the card deck yesterday morning - you got to love that.

These are purportedly the last words Kurt ever wrote:

When the last living thing
Has died on account of us,
How poetical it would be
If Earth could say,
In a voice floating up
From the floor
Of the Grand Canyon,
"It is done.
People did not like it here."


island guy said...

You'd probably be a good poker player (and could make a lot of money) but it sure could be an expensive education. I can figure out all the odds and play the cards, but can't figure out the people. Glad I realized that, only cost me a few hundred dollars in college (not counting the cost of my tuition that I didn't take advantage of). I think you could play both the cards and the people - and if you can feel when the cold calling ( of the next card) is on, they'll never figure out your calls (the term for the signals that give away what you are thinking).

NYSTAN said...

stick to art....
or juggling and I don't mean the books.