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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Teflon and polyester

My Poor Donald Trump post got picked up today by Crooks and Liars. They haven't published me in at least six or seven years so it is pretty cool, a couple extra thousand views today. It was fun in the old days when the feedjit gadget was still operational, you could watch people landing from all points every three seconds or so. Thanks, Crooks and Liars!

I don't get a lot of negative comments. Even the worst ones are usually pretty funny and don't really bother me, I only get a die jew about every five years or so. I just wish people would have a little courage and sign the nasty comments. I sign everything I write. 8055 blogposts and counting now. Sick of anonymous tough guys. I can tell Millard's comments 99% of the time but they are also always clever and pretty well informed even though I rarely agree with them.

Leslie asked me if I wanted the cupcakes in the kitchen this morning? I said yes. She looked me in the eye and then threw them in the trash. Then she asked me if I wanted the leftover Christmas cookies? I said yes. Same thing, she looks at me straight in the punim and throws them in the trash. I think I may have to change my strategy.

Seriously I have been eating way too many sweets of late and I was secretly glad to see them go. Cardiologist said beware of flour and sugar and to get rid of the bowling balls under my shirt. I am looking forward to the result of my nuclear stress tests with no small measure of dread. And I have such a monastic diet too.

Heading for the twin ply double knit polyester stretchy pants. Hello, Ratners.

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