Monday, December 17, 2018

To the mattresses!

Pete Clemenza making meatballs
One of the talking heads on the radio today said that it was time that Trump got himself a war time consigliere. Sorry Tom, er Mick, but you're not a sicilian.

Trump had been talking derisively of late about rats, a mafia term for a snitch, or somebody who goes to the government and tells the truth. To the President that is a bad thing. Snitches get stitches. Omerta.

Is this a presidency or are we now involved in the making of  Godfather IV? Seems more like an organized crime family if you ask me. I hated Godfather III. There are only parts one and two in my house.

BTW: the FBI getting access to an office with a signed warrant from a judge is not a break in, it is business as usual, the way it works in our criminal justice system. No one should have had to tell Mike Flynn that it was a no-no to lie to an FBI agent.

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