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Friday, December 28, 2018

Time for a little offense

I was not a big fan of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when I first read about her. I am a centrist, not a fringe guy or a socialist and I know somebody, somewhere has to pay for everything. But I have to admit that I am warming to her. Not her policy but her attitude. She doesn't take any crap from anybody, gives as good as she gets.

Sen. Mazie Hirono
The right might want to make her their punching bag but I think she can hold her own. Ditto Mazie Hirono. The Hawaiian senator is tough as nails, won't back down from anybody, calls bullshit when she hears it. Brian Schatz too, the other Hawaiian Senator. The Hawaiians have been quite vocal and awesome of late.

The Democrats have spent the last two years as soft targets, they are starting to get their mojo back. Trump lost the popular vote by over three million, kind of weird for him to think he has a mandate. There are still more of us then there are of them. But thanks to the undemocratic electoral college, the hayseeds are running the show.

It's a simple test. Who would you rather spend time with, Mazie Hirono or Louie "Goober" Gohmert? Ocasio Cortez or Steve King? I know who I would rather hang out with, and they are all blue and way more normal than your garden variety GOP member. Many of that group are plainly deranged.

Practically the only Republicans that are talking sense are the ones on their way out the door.

"We can secure our borders. We can solve this problem. This is a made-up fight.
It's a spectacle, and candidly, it's juvenile. The whole thing is juvenile."
Sen. Bob Corker

"Let us recognize from this place here today that the shadow of tyranny is once again enveloping parts of the globe. And let us recognize as authoritarianism reasserts itself in country after country that we are by no means immune."
Sen. Jeff Flake

“Sean Hannity and a few other people screamed fire. The president then fell in line behind Sean Hannity." 

Rep. Ryan Costello

The notion that a shutdown creates more pressure on Dems is toddler logic.
Rep. Ryan Costello

Trump has a “warped mind that would turn this statistic into fake news” about himself. “It might be a new low,” she said. “Boy, that’s saying something … How could you be so self-centered and try to distort the truth so much?”
Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen after Trump statements on Puerto Rico

Time to stop biting our lips and to come out swinging. This is our country.


Anonymous said...

Ahh...yes. You can hang out with the chick that tried to frame a guy for rape and the wild eyed idiot who's going to be the gift that keeps on giving, what with her utterances. Brave and fearless soldiers both - they'll outrump Trump! Good company too. Your bigotry will hardly be noticed!

Blue Heron said...

Chick that tried to frame the guy for rape? Please expound. You certainly can't be talking about the mock Kavanaugh tribunal, which was not a criminal trial and did nothing to lift my suspicions.

Scrota - Voce said...

That's A. Occasional-Cortex.

Sen. Flake is the most aptly named public servant in history going back to ancient Athens.

Seems like a fantasy now but Hirono was part of the theatre of the absurd, the Kafaesque
parody that couldn't get a lick on Kavanaugh and dreamt up 'serial rapine' as the
can't miss coup de grace, that changed absolutely nothing, except will get Sarah Palin
elected to the Senate after Murkowski gets chewed up, in 2022.

It showed nothing but Feinstein's senility shouting 'We didn't leak It! Did we?'