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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Dreamscape #185

I had a dream about my late friend Garry Cohen the other night. It was either a dream or a visitation, not sure which. Felt real.

Garry died of pancreatic cancer last year, left a big hole in many of our hearts. Have been thinking about my ceramist, glassblowing, jeweler pal a lot of late.

My friend of forty years, the Don of Del Dios, visited me in the dream. The somnambulant details are somewhat vague in the foggy present. I may have still been living at my old home in Rainbow. He wanted me to get him some medicine.

Although there was a little detail of my being naked, I walked across a barren field of scratchy thorns to deliver him the medicine. The next thing I  knew I was staring up at a Christmas tree festooned with ornaments made out of white crumpled paper. I unwrapped one, only to find that it was a report from one  of my recent doctor's visit as apparently were all the other decorations. I awoke.

In the nascent days of this blog, Grumpy was around to explain my dreams but he is long gone. He had a book he would consult. Whatever happened to that guy? As difficult as he could be at times he was a stalwart contributor to the blog. Miss him, Window Dancer too and Randy Walters. Warren Beecroft. People come and people go but there are many that I really do miss.

Like my pal Garry.

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