Egret and crab

Friday, March 22, 2019

The fields of Elsinore

Reneé and Vern took me hostage for a few hours this afternoon and carted me off to the poppy fields in Lake Elsinore.

They have been hitting the place pretty hard in the last week and their able reconnaissance allowed us to be free of crowds and hit close to maximum flower wattage.

All about available light of course.

You look around for patches of illumination on a cloudy day.

Easy to understand how Wendt and Redmond, Payne and Gamble, the great California impressionists, all fell in love with the landscape in the season when the California state flower was in its magnificent bloom.

It was all very lovely. Glad I didn't miss the show. Lovely marriages of orange and purple with a bit of mustard thrown in for good measure. Canterbury bells added icing on the cake.

I took a lot of shots. Will be fun seeing what I've caught. T'was quite a show.

Of course, you never lose sight of the fact that you are in Lake Elsinore.

We were on the Snake Rd. for a spell, a pretty steep grade. But we lived to tell our tale. Ended up at the Hat for pastrami.


North County Film Club said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks for doing it so I don't have to deal with the traffic.

Jim said...

Had to finally get your pastrami fix after you missed out at the winery deli, heh?

Unknown said...

Gorgeous Blue! Lake Elsinore at it's finest! We like Guadalajara on Main Street. Best chili rellano I've ever had. Downtown is much nicer since they redeveloped the old construction.

Blue Heron said...

I like Don Joses for Mexican food in Lake Elsinore, next to the equally excellent Vincenzos.

Unknown said...

Went in there one time and it smelled funny. Decided to pass😒

isak said...

Funny how most are riffing on the pastrami and delimex; not the hillsides! Me I'll have one adult plate of poppies with a generous side of lupine, if you please.

Blue Heron said...

...some come for the flowers, some come for the pastrami.

Anonymous said...

I always welcome the purple lupin too. Thanks for the photo show. ~ Diane O

Unknown said...

I used to live at Lake Elsinore up on the hill to the north, back in the 70s. I knew a lot of the skydivers back then. I love California poppies. When I lived in Silverton, Oregon, there were iris and poppy fields all around. The flowers are gorgeous! I enjoyed seeing these photos.

Helen Killeen Bauch McHargue said...

Fabulous photos!
I'm always vaguely disappointed by the Hat. I anticipate the pastrami
is going to be so much better than it turns out to be. So I stay away for a while and
absence makes the heart grow fonder. Months pass, the pastrami floats back into
my consciousness and I try again with the same result. Still, it's better than
nothing when you ache for pastrami.

Blue Heron said...

The pastrami was thin and okay. We split a sandwich three ways and it was plenty, they don't chintz. But it is not New York or Langer's Pastrami, that is for damn sure. The chili fries were just way too much.