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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sunday Mailbag

Linda and Joseph just sent these shots from Lapland, Finland. Fun but frosty, I would say.

Beth sends a picture astride her horse Lenny up in the mountains of Lake Elsinore.

Stewart sent me a picture of one of a pair of the most magnificent agave ovatifolia in his Kensington neighbor's yard.

Lois shares a picture of her pretty wisteria.
Shawn sent a lovely view from Thailand.

With the recent poppy shots as inspiration, Warren sent a picture flying over the aspens in Colorado on his way back from Kansas City last fall.

Once again Cam feels the need to alert us to the first day of spring!

The phantom sends over a picture of a stealth bomber and what appears to be a Cooper's Hawk. Think there was a design influence?

Gary sends over an artistic black and white.

R at the I.M.Pei designed steel tunnel in Japan at the Miho Museum.

Zinner sends some picturesque pictures of the superbloom from his home in the desert.

My bucket list dream has always been to go to Patagonia and points beyond. Sadly I can not foresee a time in the future when I will be able to afford such an undertaking with the economy so squishy. But this Nikon trip sure looked good to me.

Doesn't have the Marble Caves of Chile I want to see before I die but looks so lovely. I sent the link to some of my cronies. Looks like one of my friend's might be going on my dream vacation. Happy for him but honestly very envious.


Unknown said...

My client Lian has a company called Blue Green Adventures that does eco tours into Patagonia & Chile. Looks amazing.

Ken Seals said...

Very enjoyable photos! I think the ski runs are at Vail.