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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Purple reign

R & D are now raising their own pigs and chickens up in Washington. Last time we saw them they gave us generous portions of each. Leslie cooked up the chicken with some herbs de Provence and it was honestly the most flavorful, moist and delicious chicken I have ever tasted. A whole other world.

Renee offered to cook the pork roast up for us. Leslie and I joined Renee and her boyfriend Vern the other night. Roasted cauliflower in cumin, acini de pepi pasta and a beautiful salad.

She roasted the pork with lots of garlic and course salt and it was incredibly tasty with a crisp flavorful skin.

R told me that she had finished the pigs on hazelnuts the last two months and you could taste the exquisite rich flavor. It is becoming a regional delicacy in the Pacific northwest.

Our friends have two large hummingbird feeders set up and they told us the birds have been going to town. Lots of baby birds humming around.

I decided to drop by yesterday afternoon and take some shots. Unfortunately my 400mm 2.8 wouldn't allow me to focus, the confined area didn't give me enough critical distance to do what I wanted to do.

I flailed around, didn't capture much that was noteworthy. I decided to just shoot the birds in plants and trees, cooler than plastic feeders anyway.

That was more productive and visually interesting. I think the flower is a type of grevillia. Click on a photograph and you will see all of them full size.

I snapped pictures for a while, enjoyed the breeze and the grounds of the beautiful home.

Finally packed it in and went home. I decided to water my palm and succulent garden. Although we had a lot of rain, things are getting dry again and need regular watering once more.

I turned on the sprinkler and here came more hummingbirds.

Darn, I forgot I had my own at home.

They really love the new flowers on the echium spikes. So do we.

I could bore you with a thousand or more shots but will have mercy on you.

Did shoot the first male hooded oriole I have seen in the yard, now residing in the large washingtonia filifera off my front door.

We played hide and seek for a few minutes until he finally consented to giving me a shot or two.
My place is enjoying spring. Oak tree is fully encapsulated with wisteria. Along with the echium there is a real strong purple and green theme.

And I close with a picture of my beloved. I put this on her Facebook page unbeknownst to her the other day and she has gotten a million compliments so I might as well share it with you as well.

She really brightens and compliments the landscape. And my life.


Unknown said...

Very nice Rob. Love the pride od madeira blooms. And Leslie is gorgeous too!

Ken Seals said...

All very nice, thanks!