Morning run - Brush Creek Ranch

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Thanks, pal.

Two very nice female deputies showed up after my phone call. Did I wish to press charges if the culprit was found and hauled in? Yes, I did.

The graffiti miscreant known as Mase decided for some unknown reason to etch his initials deeply into the plate glass window in front of my store. What a wonderful person.

Swear it wasn't there that morning, I had just stepped out for a second. I think I might have even seen him sitting on the bench outside.

Too deep to rub out, it will probably cost me a grand or so that I don't have to replace the window. Not enough to submit to insurance, in any case.  Like a stupid dog pissing on a tree stump to mark territory, this delinquent a-hole left his cursive calling card right on the front of my shop window.

What kind of idiot criminal signs their work?

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