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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Chastened rainbows

It took forever to get home in the rain. The Paschal supermoon was rising brightly in the sky as I made my way down the narrow canyon road to my little hacienda de refugio.

I fell asleep on my couch, exhausted. Unbeknownst to me, Leslie had covered me up with a blanket but I still woke up freezing around two in the morning and finally stumbled my way to bed.

Four hours later I was up for what was gearing up to be a busy morning. When I hit the mailbox in the dawn light I saw a beautiful ridge of palm trees peaking out from over an occluded fog bank.

It was really marvelous. I jumped out of the car, fumbled with the iso on the camera and grabbed some shots. Stuck the zoom on and got closer.

The sky was lovely and sherbet in the early dawn hours.

no processing
I continued my way towards coffee and camaraderie. As I got up to Mission Rd. I saw continuing pyrotechnics, a gorgeous and intense vertical rainbow immediately bearing down on the hilltop ridge to the north. I needed a shot. I couldn't stop on Mission or I would cause on accident, pulled off on Davis Rd., a road I have actually never been on before. Rainbow was of course, now gone, I nearly ended up in a ditch trying to pull out of a tight squeeze at the end of the road. I tried. Foiled again.

Oh well, at least I saw it.

Vern and Reneé have been hitting the poppy fields of Elsinore with vigor. Here are a couple shots they sent.

Elsinore poppies now visible from space.

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