Thursday, July 16, 2020

Marketing idea.

The venerable football team the Washington Redskins are in a bit of hot water over their outre non politically correct name.

Daniel Snyder and his hogs have finally smelled the coffee and are looking for a new name, and pronto. Because somebody is on the warpath.

I got to thinking and I came up with this one this morning. Let me know what you think. It would be a quick, easy change.

The Washington Foreskins - time to put a helmet on the helmet!

Get the hoodie hoodie. Talk about extra protection. You could affectionately call them the anteaters. They really didn't get beat, they just got clipped.


Wilbur Norman said...

Of course, then they would just be called the 'Dick Heads'!

Anonymous said...

how bout all spoiled entitled sports just go away !!!!

JeffN said...

Pretty funny. And so many associated jokes...

The cheers by cheerleaders would have a whole new level of meaning.

"Push 'em back, push 'em back, wayyyyy back!"
"You can't beat our Skins."

Or announcers:
"He's going deep!"