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Monday, July 20, 2020

Main Avenue Blues

Okay, time to lob a missile over the bow. Not sure where it will land and who exactly was responsible. But when I left work Saturday night I saw that the two main blocks downtown were cordoned off once again. Tables were set up and people were eating and drinking and having themselves a great time. A lot of folks.

In my quick scan I saw exactly one mask in the crowd of a hundred or so people. No social distancing, in fact people were downright extremely close to each other. I thought about taking a picture and then thought "Hey, you aren't the mask police, stay in your lane."

I drove to the bank and Grocery Outlet and decided to take another gander on my way back. Unfortunately, same deal. Packed together in front of Harry's like Bourbon Street. Saw two masks this time. I drove home.

Who thought this confab was a good idea and why exactly at this time? Covid 19 has affected our community in an exponential manner in the last two months. Is this sort of exercise really necessary?

I talked to a person whose business was open for a similar debacle last week. They required a mask for entry and a woman who wished to enter grabbed the mask and stomped on it, screaming epithets. Now one of their employees is unfortunately feeling ill and getting tested for the virus.

You have the freedom to do what you want. And you also have the right to even get sick if you choose to. But your actions may have consequences for other people, please don't forget that.

It is not the right time for this sort of event. Somebody is definitely asking for trouble here. And somebody told me it is booked though the end of the year. Really?


Unknown said...

It will be interesting to see how long they continue to hold these events.

While it sounds nice, I believe it still not safe.

I hope nobody gets sick. By the same token, if I know someone what has attended the event/s, I will be giving them wide berth.

No offense intended toward anyone.

Willie Makit said...

Here! Here! Robert!
P.s. I’m not sure but I think you can than the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce for the Covid-Hoe Down!

Blue Heron said...

Covid Ho Down? That's pretty good!

Ken Seals said...

We saw the same thing in San Clemente and Dana Point on Saturday. We didn't get out of the car, just scouting for a picnic bench to have socially distancing lunch with Lauren's relatives.

Anonymous said...

Re Covid hoe downs in Fallbrook: even though I know our generational peers are there, my mind flashed up an evil clown image conjoined with the ‘OK, Boomer’ meme.
My friends in the States are very socially distant, but the urge to merge generations seem very willing to become disease vectors.....and put Social Security on a sound fiscal footing?


Valerie Tate said...

I absolutely share your concerns! I also was extremely upset when I ordered take-out from a local restaurant, and then went in to pick it up, only to notice that the chef wasn't wearing a mask, but front counter person was! I considered walking out and not paying for my order.

I was also recently frustrated by watching people in Pilates classes not using masks. I wore mine, and instructor did put her mask on, however, while wiping down the equipment, she wasn't wearing a mask...so what good was that? I have since canceled going to those "physical therapy" classes, which I will certainly miss, but not the uneasiness that I experience when there and see potentials for contamination. Thanks for allowing me to vent!!!!

aferda said...

You said that "You have the freedom to do what you want". Since when and why would you? You do not get to decide how fast you can drive in a school zone nor are you allowed to defecate on the sidewalk. Your right to do what you want ends when it affects my rights and my safety.

Many business are loathe to enforce mask rules. Some out of conviction, others just because they need the business or want to avoid conflict. They and their unreasonable customers not only put our health at risk, but also peoples' jobs and business livelihood.