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Thursday, July 30, 2020

V is for vapid

Dr. Kelly Victory
Our County Supervisor, Jim Desmond, has been on a crusade for months to open up the businesses, health concerns of the general public be damned.

He has a habit of enlisting the most right wing and reactionary medical professionals to make his case for him, people like Dr. Scott Atlas and Dr. Kelly Victory.

Who happen to, more often than not, be wrong about the facts.

They in turn make wild claims that are usually completely contrary to the views of the great majority of the actual experts in the medical profession and that are also sometimes downright misleading, incorrect and dangerous. The San Diego Union does a great job today taking Victory's talking points and shredding them into so many little bits.

It turns out that she is way out of her depth, having no degrees in public health, virology or epidemiology. Leadstories.com did a great job debunking her baloney recently as well. Definitely worth a read.

Victory is on record calling Covid 19, a disease which has killed over 600,000 people globally, a mild disease. She also says it poses little risk to children. I wrote Desmond a letter about Dr. Victory a few weeks ago but as usual received no response. She sounded fishy. All I could find on her was that she was an anti marijuana crusader who had been arrested for pulling a gun on another woman in Colorado at an Ann Coulter event. She plead no contest. Beautiful. But hey, let's cut her some slack, she was drunk. Funny how many anti pot people are actually lushes.

She was also a big booster of hydroxychloroquine and pumped a lot of her bilge, swill and misinformation around Colorado until the people there evidently got tired of her too.

Dr. Scott Atlas is your typical Hoover Institute contrarian. But he appears to live in a bizarro universe of sorts. You don't eradicate the universe by locking down in Atlasworld, it gets expunged by lots of close communal contact and everybody lives happily ever after. So many reasons to be optimistic, nothing to see here folks. He is also on record as saying Covid 19 poses no risk to children, a baldfaced lie not supported by several recent deaths of kids.

In this link Atlas gets taken down bigly by Tracy Mayne PHD, a former director of HIV epidemiology and surveillance at the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, who has spent more than 20 years doing epidemiology and health economic research in the health care and pharmaceutical industries. Jeremy Mayer is an associate professor at the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University.

Read about the "Frontline doctors", the out of their depth wackjobs who are carrying water and spreading misinformation for the Trump administration. If I have to make a choice between listening to a retired ophthalmologist or a virologist in regards to the current epidemic I think I will take door number two.

Can't wait for these people to crawl back under their rocks.


Jon Harwood said...

First, why is there a black bird perched on atmosphere on the left column of the blog?? No comprende.

Neat topic:

Physicians can be stupid just like regular folks. How do we think Michael Jackson could hire his own concierge physician to kill him?

We in this country have lost the ability to think critically. That used to mean that a person could look at a statement and make an independent evaluation of its veracity based on some sort of evidence evaluated with the help of logic. That is debased now into people(on both sides) cherry p\icking evidence and yelling past each other unless they are part of the new lumpenproletariat that establishes veracity based on their liking of the celebrity making the claim.

Either way if fear our decline will make the Fall of the Roman Empire look like a garden party.

Willie Makit said...

Oh! You’re such a kill-joy!