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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Volga boatmen

When I read a few minutes ago that Trump had suggested delaying the November election, I immediately thought "Isn't that something that Putin or a Soviet dictator would do?"

Americans of all stripes and ideologies should put a quick kaibosh on the idea or we will be in a world of hurt.

It is easy to see his thought process. Perhaps his chances of getting re-elected will be better in the future? That is all this is about, not any real worry about safe and secure elections.


Sanoguy said...

For the elections to be postponed, the Congress would have to agree. The Dems in the House, who are the majority in the House, will never go along with this. It is possible that a few of the rational Republicans ( oxymoron?) in the Senate will not buy in to this scam either.

Jon Harwood said...

It is hard to believe that someone this immature has been running the country for years, unless you pick up a newspaper. It is still hard to believe that his party thought they could get away with using him as a figurehead while they ran their agenda behind the scenes (pro tip: When the prez is this immature he won't let himself be lead like that). Still, this election stunt is a topper for the way it reveals that the only thing Trump thinks about is himself. First he tried to "cancel" the pandemic as it interfered with his re election plans (shouldn't that be a clue?). Then when the pandemic wouldn't go along with his plans he decides that if Mohammed won't go the mountain the mountain must come to Mohammed in the form of an election canceled until it is convenient the "star'.

After all history is only a reality TV show created to provide our leader with an audience to cheer him. When reality interferes--well you get it.

Anonymous said...

The fact that we're even discussing this is unbelievable to any thinking, educated American. I guess there aren't many of them left...