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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Moto Monday

I have a deal with my buddy Todd. He is an arborist.

He does tree work on my ranch and I take pictures of him on his motorcycle at the motocross track.

That is Todd bottom left in the picture up top.

I guess this was the third time I shot in Pala last Monday morning. I kept missing my friend. He would be at the pro track and I would be at the regular track and vice versa.

I shot a ton of shots, more than a thousand.

It is fun and not really difficult to get good shots if you know what you are doing and I am starting to figure it out.

There were some excellent riders out there.

It was hot and I left early. Got a call around two. Todd had dumped his bike in front of the snack shack and broke his foot. Said he was in traction.

I think I am safer on this side of the lens.

I look forward to processing these pictures and seeing what I got.

I hope that Todd is feeling better soon.

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Ken Seals said...

All very nice photos.