Blue Heron in flight

Thursday, March 3, 2022


According to blogger, this is my 11 thousandth blogpost. I guess I should bake a cake or something. 

Of course, there are a couple hundred drafts I have pulled off for one reason or another and a bunch that I deleted in a huff or a pique. 

Wish I had a couple back, like the fictional novel about the pistachio capitol I wrote that I thought might get me sued once upon a time. Oh well, redacted into the void forever. Not much I can do at this point.

Although it is said that everything on the web lives forever if you dig deep enough. Just not that savvy, I guess.

Not a lot to report. I am hopelessly behind on my auction and on putting inventory up on my website. Life keeps jumping up and getting in the way but I am going to hit it hard on Sunday. I am back to working seven days a week.

Ken is coming over to help put a backup drive on my computer this morning. It is also starting to get beautiful again at home.

This is a shot of my fence line this morning.

As you can see, the wisteria is starting its massive purperean bloom. The blue echium spires are starting to unfold as well. Leslie says that the ceanothus is beginning to lend its own majestic heliotropic cast to the hillsides.

The yucca rostrata had a flat spot on top from where I had cut off the massive flower spike in the autumn. It is starting to fill in finally with small nascent shoots. Apical dominance in action, I suppose. Want to see it nice and round again.

The neighbor reports this morning that the red tailed hawk is starting to nest again in the sycamore. 

I had a baby bobcat in the yard two evenings ago. Scampered through my succulent garden. Very dark, the size of my largest house cat, cute white tail, quite a beauty!

Orioles have not returned as yet but I am sure that soon the grape jelly will be doled out again in great spoonfuls.

Not much else to report. They say the first eleven thousand is the hardest, please stay tuned for the encore.

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Anonymous said...

agree or disagree 11000 blogs, wow can't count that high but am stoked the way your mind works like to just see what's next!!