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Sunday, March 13, 2022

Dumb and dumber National Tour

Eric Trump gave a talk at a church in San Marcos last night accompanied by Michael Flynn and Roger Stone. 

And as you would suspect, they got a few facts very, very wrong. 

The Trump scion accepted a gift of a Q Anon themed painting of his father. 

The articles reveal a lot of outlandish claims were made and the bullshit was obviously very thick.




The church has a history of brush ups with the county and was the host of a number of covid outbreaks, they defied the bans on indoor gatherings, two days after a Federal judge's order.

“What I see as I look at the Reawaken America campaign is what we in the traditional church would call blasphemy." Rev. Meg Decker - Rector, Trinity Episcopal


Jon Harwood said...

We are in some thick bullshit alright. I tend to see the big, big picture but all I can figure is that we are living through some big societal recalibrations. Pick an area and it seems to be in tumult. Try to tell me you know what is going on and I know automatically that you don't know what is going on. Globalization is collapsing, the geopolitical balance of power is shifting, COVID introduced lots of instability, the economy has indegestion and one hell of a lot of heads are on fire. It seems impossible to put a finger on just what it is (unless you are a Q Anon believer).

Duck and cover is the watchword.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jon. It's like the world has set up some kind of giant Jenga game and is pulling out the supports of every pillar of society. A huge re-set. What a mess we are handing the youngsters. At a time when we need to hold tight to family and friends, I find at my age everyone is dying off around me, so that support is vanishing as well in many cases. A bad time for all.~ Diane O

JeffN said...

This church should immediately have its tax-free status rescinded.