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Monday, March 7, 2022

Report Card

I am a centrist democrat and in general a Biden supporter, especially after what we just went through with the last guy in office. I am pro choice, pro gun (not assault weapons), pro capital punishment, pro gay, pro environment and anti amnesty for people who come to this country illegally.

Joe is doing his best with the tough hand he was dealt and the fact that the nation and world are coming out of a pandemic period that has taken 6 million lives and turned the rest of them upside down. So I give him somewhat of a break, especially when the right wing media machine is out to assassinate him 24-7.

Still there are things he and his administration is doing that infuriate me, principally his intention to continue foolish Obama era policies on Iran. To be fair, I need to point out what I believe are his deficiencies with the same vigor I went after his predecessor.

Here are a couple interesting articles for your perusal. They are worth a read:

With America's Eyes on Ukraine, Biden Made Biggest Concession to China Yet - Ben Weingarten

Biden shatters Israel's delusions - Caroline Glick

Hope for Ukraine is not a strategy - National Review

Biden over promised and under delivered on climate - Lisa Friedman

Biden DOJ will keep defending Trump on rape defamation case - Daily Beast

Garland’s first year leading Justice Department clouded by questions of investigating Trump - CNN


Anonymous said...

Good morning Robert,

I hope this finds you well.
I'm finding that Centrism seems to be moving to the right.
Seems everything is moving to the right?

I wouldn't call someone who is pro capital (I do love capitol though) punishment and pro gun centrist.
As for illegal immigration... Aren't all non native Americans illegal immigrants.
Depends who makes the laws I suppose?

Funnily enough Obama seems to be much more positively thought of in Europe than in the US.

Don't mean to be controversial but felt I had to comment


Blue Heron said...

My father came to this country at the age of 13 speaking no english. He came legally and passed a variety of citizenship tests. I resent those that arrive by illegally crossing a river and then line up at the welfare office that was once behind my office, where they receive $800 per kid. I see them pumping them out year after year, I once counted a women with nine in her whelp,it pisses me off.

I think that Obama was generally a good President but I think his blind spot for the Iranians was criminal and wrote about it at length and in detail and has done and will continue to do great harm. Not that the Israelis are peaches but they aren't bombing synagogues in South America.

I guess my philosophy is more nuanced. If you don't think the sobriquet is deserved call me anything you care to. I have never adopted anybody's party line.

Blue Heron said...

And thanks for the spellcheck, capitol and capital are always a confusion for me. And all non natives can certainly be construed as illegals to some, you got m e there, but that cow is long out of the barn and still doesn't make we want to throw the door open to the welfare state.

Scrota Voce said...

Er, uh, doesn't seem to be a massive 'Resist' movement coming from the right, or a zillion bitch march the day after his inauguration, hmmmmm. No one did a head count on who showed up to listen to someone with dementia spout off on nothing memorable, but the NYTimes did one for Trump. This is hire the handicapped on steroids considering the really pitiful state of the occupant in the oval orifice.

Afghanistan, inflation gone berserk, kowtowing to every leftist kneejerk demand, just let another terrorist go back to Saudi Arabia from Gitmo...international relations abhors a vacuum and Pennsylvania Ave has got a big one.
Putin saw his opening knowing that Pres. Bite Me will go run and hide in Wilmington if
any leadership is needed.

We are uck-fayed.

Mother Teresa (pardon my French)

Blue Heron said...

Missed you man, good comments.