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Friday, March 18, 2022


This has been the most frustrating season to be an Aztec basketball fan. Bounced from the tourney once again yesterday. They have won exactly one playoff game since 2015. Pitiful.

The team was long, played good defense but they had one glaring problem, they couldn't shoot.  At all. And their point guard play was terrible.

After Mensah, their usage of their bigs was woefully inconsistent. Tomiac deserved more time. Two bigs in was effective last year with Wetzell. Arop was constantly hurt this year and not much help either.

I think the biggest problem was probably the coaching. They drafted a team that could not shoot the basketball. After Mitchell and Schakel, it was quite the let down.

We are spoiled here. San Diego State has always had good shooters; Cage, Heath, Watson, Malachi, Jamaal, X, Kawhi, the list is long.

This particular team could not hit the broad side of the barn. Bradley can drive and so can Butler but there have been way too many missed layups and they died from three point range. Keshad Johnson is not going to play in the NBA on the strength of his fancy dunks, he has a terrible jump shot. Seiko was worthless most of the time. Pulliam a turnover disaster who vanished at will.

I hope that SDSU can right their ship. They let a won game get away yesterday. Too many turnovers, too many missed free throws, what an exasperating team! Brian Dutcher, recruit a true point guard and a coach who can teach these kids how to shoot.

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RoxAnn said...

Mick’s in agreement that they need a point guard. Very disappointing. Onward to the football season and their new stadium.