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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Take care, Amigo!

It is with sadness that I report that my fellow antique dealer and long time friend Gary Linscott has passed away from cancer. He died on March first. Those of you in the California and Southwest antique community will know Gary from his longtime job as wall builder for many of our shows. 

The man busted ass and made it happen, without excuses, and delivered us an affordable product that worked. He worked all night on many occasions to get things ready, then showed up the next day to sell.

Gary was a standup guy, a tall man who was once an officer in the army, if my memory serves. He honestly did not have an enemy in this world. Great positive attitude, a hearty laugh. He picked up strays and hired them and often tried to fix them. Sometimes it didn't work but I admired his compassion and patience. Don't know how he nursed those old trucks and kept them on the road either but he did.

I pride myself for having taken pictures of pretty much everyone in our little world, fancy myself an institutional visual memory of sorts, but really had to hunt for a picture of Gary in my files. 

Finally found one, not great by any means, from a dealer meeting in Albuquerque. Better than nothing.

Gary was sweet enough to call me two months ago and tell me that he was dying. He wasn't asking me for sympathy, just wanted to tell me he loved me and to tell me to come out to Colorado soon if I could. Wish I had.

Gary sold me some good paintings over the years, best Charles Reiffel I ever owned, he could turn things up on occasion. I appreciate him very much for lots of things.

Life is a fleeting dream. All we have are the good people we find along the way. Some day they will be gone. Make sure that you take time to give them a hug.

Goodbye Gary. You were a good man.

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Linda Wilson said...

I’m sorry for the loss of your dear friend.