Thursday, September 1, 2022

Black Cherry nightmare


I've got this thing for Thrifty Black Cherry ice cream. 

I used to stop at a certain convenience store on the way home and buy a cone a couple times a week. 

Stuff is clean and delicious, I have written about it before. But I haven't eaten any in about a year. I was cured.

Why? Well, let me tell you why. I stopped eating the stuff when I looked behind the counter and saw the dirty bucket the ice cream scoop was in. Absolutely revolting. For some reason I had never glanced at it before.

It was fetid and disgusting, looked like sewer bilge. I had no idea when the last time it was cleaned but this was not the remains of the chocolate scoop, this was just gross dishwater.

Then and there I said, enough. I am finished. Haven't been back since.


I was at the gas station the other day when I recognized a girl who once worked at the store. She remembered me too and I told her my story about the gross container. "That is nothing," she said. She told me that the manager let her dog drink out of the same container and never cleaned it. Whoa. Share a little ice cream with Fido.

If I get a hankering for it again, I will go to Rite Aid from now on, the convenience store is definitely out for ever.


Anonymous said...

Black Cherry's my favorite too.

Sanoguy said...

Try Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia… YUM!