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Sunday, September 11, 2022

The Mexico Cafe

I had heard about the new Mexico Cafe in Temecula for several months. Reviews were good but somewhat mixed, as usual. I would have to decide for myself. The Cafe is part of a small family chain that opened in San Bernardino way back in 1951.

We went with our friends Bill and Jean last week for a midday Sunday brunch. And we were not disappointed, in fact we loved it! 

The place is huge, with very tall ceilings. It reminds me of the old Mexico Chiquita in Temecula, but it is even bigger. 

This is not your normal Mexican restaurant!

There are various stations in a couple different rooms, a crepe station, omelette, a bar to get posole, menudo and birria, dessert, fruit, enchiladas, so much delicious food. 

The quality of the food is  high.

No one leaves this place hungry, I had three plates and there was plenty still that I would have to wait to try.

I was particularly impressed with the chicken and spinach enchiladas with cream sauce. The link sausage may have been apple chicken, it was also scrumptious. 

Fresh tortillas, good coffee, brunch will set you back about $25.00  a head but it is totally worth it.

The restaurant is loud and festive, a flamenco guitar player strode from table to table. I really have no complaints except the fact that there were so many godawful tattoos, but that is Temecula and honestly, I have never seen so many women in their eighties with nose piercings and Ferdinand the bull nose rings or whatever you call them.

But far be it for me to be judgmental, I am not sure what the whole trend represents but I am confident that it is not my clan, whose numbers may be in the minority at this point. My nurse at Mercy for my biopsy said about 60% of her patients are now fully inked and adorned, obviously we "plain skins" will soon be as extinct as the dodo bird.

The Mexico Cafe

44500 Pechanga Pkwy Temecula, CA 92592

(951) 365-0808


Thai Thai has sold in Fallbrook. There is a new cook. While it is still good, it is not quite as good and I hope they can get better soon. It was exceptional before. I won't give up on them but someone has to tell them to get it together.


Restaurant week is approaching! Have a reservation already at my favorite, Pampelmousse. Yum!

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