Blue Heron in flight

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Phoenix Rising

One of the questions I get asked from people is what kind of art is in my home? What do art dealers bring home?  Truthfully, Leslie and I are not very passionate collectors. Most of the work in our house was painted or made by friends, although there are some exceptions.

I don't know how to describe our aesthetic, I guess colorful, hippie, tribal, with some art nouveau and ethnographic mixed in.

One of my oldest decorative possessions is this large stained glass window. This Phoenix dragon with a lapis eye and fiery tail was made by a friend of mine for me in the mid 1970's. 

The artist's name is Lolli Hough and she lived in Harmony Grove and was a part of a wonderful group of friends at the time. 

She was an amazing artisan, haven't heard from her in decades. She not only made brilliant stained glass, she learned to dye in Africa and did beautiful fabric creations.

Our clan was very psychedelic, other members made regular sojourns down to Monte Alban in Oaxaca for hongo sessions with the Zapotecs. 

The parties we had in these years were very high and resonating. Beautiful, loving, group. Smart, well educated.

I guess I should have pulled the blinds so you could get a better look but I think you get the idea. Visually the window is very rich. 

Been a part of my life's fabric for almost fifty years.

Still love it!

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