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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Don't you worry, try a little harder...

I drove back to Torrey Pines this morning to try to get some more good falcon shots.

Wasn't working today, wasn't happening, birds were scarce, flubbed my few opportunities.

Still it was a wonderful day in Southern California and I would be lying if I claimed to be anything but delighted.

What's the title of that song by the Byrds, Nothing was delivered?

If you knew that there always was a payoff it wouldn't be any fun. See Blue Heron Blast, Kill monsters, win gold.

The old intermittent reward. Strongest lure in the tackle box.

Not sure why the meager pickings but I think the ravens and crows might be asserting dominance over the raptors.

I think that the juveniles are hiding out until they are strong enough to deal with the smart and pesky corvids.

Always something to shoot. Like this lovely Say's phoebe  ash throated flycatcher.

The sun was out, the breezes were perfect, we walked our asses off, it was impossible not to enjoy the adventure, no matter the meager spoils.

Saw dad bringing the youngster's food and one food exchange but I blew it by not stopping down and gaining the requisite depth of field.

Learned something today and there is still time to nail some better shots soon.

Did see several juveniles on branches way back in the woods, a little too far away for a decent shot.

I let numerous passerby's look through the rig and get a look at the young peregrines, which they greatly appreciated.

Will definitely be back for another turn, another swing at the piƱata.

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