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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Lower the barr

Roseanne Barr was a ticking time bomb, only a matter of time before she went off and got bounced.

What a racist and hate filled piece of excrement.

She wrote this unfortunate vile tweet about mixed race Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett today and lost her network show, our President's favorite. Her agent, I.C.M, gave her the heave ho as well.

Of course it is only a matter of time before she claims that she is the real victim here. Liberal p.c., her right to free speech and all that.

In any case I thought to myself, where have I heard speech like this before? Besides the Trump administration... And I thought, my god, it was only this morning, over at Fox News, the comments to an article about Dutchess Meghan Markle and the new coat of arms.

Simians? Bananas? Do you sense a theme here? The funny thing is, and I say funny as in strange, not humorous, these are some of the tamer comments. Comments actually were deleted for stepping over some Fox line of decency. How racist do you have to be to get bounced from the comments section at Fox News?

Conservatives say that they are tired of being typecast as bigots. Hey GOP, it is clear that there are many racists lurking around your house. Unless of course, these commenters are all Russian trolls or masquerading libs wanting to make you look bad.


Kerr A. Lott said...

1. Bye bye Rosie, hope you get bit by a rattling relative.

2. I read racist comments like that online all the time, usually accompanied by #MAGA - makes me so proud to be a white guy... NOT!

The other day I was talking to a progressive friend and we figured that American 'white dudes' are about:

20% 'progressive/liberal' - like me and you.

40% are semi-passive bigots and racists, like a lot of white dudes I know. They don't name-call or anything, at least not to someone's face, but basically they don't like minorities and immigrants very much and rag on 'inferior' races and religions when they talk with like minded friends.

40% are just straight up deplorables - the worst of the worst. Like Trump booster Roseanne Barr (who's jewish but was raised as a mormon in Salt Lake City).

Blue Heron said...

The jewish mormon thing is a weird cross. I didn't know that about her...

Sanoguy said...

Roseanne makes trailer trash look good now!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to 1962. Help Mr wizard I wanna go home.
Deli guy

The Phantom Knows said...

ABC did the right thing. Barr’s comments were stupid and insensitive.
Kind’a like Bill Maher’s shit for brains use of the n-word last year (on the air no less) but sadly his network turned a blind eye.
Is she among the celeb’s that compares Trump to an Orangutan?