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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Duplex or duplicitous?

I heard this and frankly wanted to puke. The gratuitous um, uh, uh huh's and the like. I don't feel comfortable with machines imitating humans or the deception involved in this sort of human/a.i. interaction.

I thought about a David Bowie concert I attended in the early 1980's, the Glass Spider tour.  Bowie pulls an unsuspecting woman out of the crowd and dances with her, somewhere along the line we all realize that we have been played.

I hate getting played. Or manipulated. By humans or machines.


Anonymous said...

What about the guy who buys a painting with these big brush strokes, a small tear in the canvas and an old beat up frame at a yard sale from some old lady that says it was her grandpas. The guy knows its a painting that needs restoring etc but he puts up a facade that he just likes old mountain scenes and it's gonna need some repairing but hey he will take a chance. He's done this song and dance for years. They agree for 25. bucks. She's happy some guy likes the painting that she's never really thought much of. He gets in his car wipes the actors face off and drives off with a small gem by Edgar Payne.

Blue Heron said...

what about that guy? the supreme court has held that as art expert has a duty to disclose and pay an appropriate value in these situations.