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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Red tailed redwood

I haven't been shooting much. Shot this red tailed hawk at the top of the redwood tree in my back yard in the early morning.

Unfortunately the redwood tree in the front yard has died.

The tree was 46 years old and about 60' tall, with a large girth but quite a bit smaller than the Sequoia sempervirens in my backyard.

While I was in San Francisco Davey Tree came by and cut the tree half down.

They were worried about it crashing through their power lines. Getting the rest down is on me.

Need to find someone who can mill me some table tops as the heart looks excellent.

It hurts Leslie and I to lose this tree. We nursed it and watered it but to no avail. Watched it slowly turn from green to brown. Unfortunately we are losing redwoods all over the state. To drought.

We watered the hell out of this but found out that they like to get their water in a foliar fashion, through the air. And it is now just too dry in Southern California. Cross your fingers for my big tree.

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