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Friday, May 25, 2018

Six hundred pounds of sin

Dire Wolf - © Mouse and Kelly - Ice Nine.
Interesting story today about an unusual wild beast they found dead up north in Denton, Montana, an animal that defies current and accurate description.

Is it a wolf, bear, a wolf/dog hybrid or possibly some thought to be extinct creature out of our not so distant past, a dire wolf?

The dire wolf was an enormous beast that was thought to become extinct about 9440 years ago.

Not much bigger than a modern gray wolf but with amazing mandibular crushing strength.

Canus Dirus. Could bring down mastodons, it was a fierce and deadly pack hunter.

Maybe a lone dire wolf family existed out on the edges for a while, waiting for things to cool out. Perhaps this one never should have come up for air?

Read the original article here at the Great Falls Tribune.

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