Saturday, April 10, 2021

Fingers crossed

Monumental 17" tall Duhme coin silver presentation trophy with Winged Victory medallions
  Cincinnati, Ohio circa 1865-1875

I may have dodged a major bullet. Then again I may not have. I was in the front of my shop the other day selecting something to photograph for the upcoming auction when I heard a light bump.

I walked back to my office and saw my Nikon D850 camera and the Nikkor 24 -70mm ƒ2.8 lying on the floor. I had placed them on a tote box on top of another tote box and it was not as stable as I thought. Took a 20" fall at the least after its slide off the supposed horizontal.

With the card and filters, this is about a six thousand dollar investment on my part laying there sadly on the floor. My camera is my lifeblood, for both business and hobby. I neither have the money or inclination to replace anything at this time, especially with a D850 replacement supposedly coming on line this year. Or maybe not, Nikon going all in on mirrorless and perhaps letting the DSL population die in the field.

I took some test shots, they look okay but I have been having a hard time doing close focus work. I hope that I am just imagining the problem. If I get time I will take it down to Kurt's Camera and make sure that it is all okay. A bent flange is usually the problem after a fall.

I have too much to do to deal with this right now but I don't get much say in the matter. Thank you John Lennon. You called it.


Jon Harwood said...

Someone has to make a dumb suggestion and I volunteered: You might be able to pick up a good point and shoot for use at work then if anything goes wrong with the big price tag stuff you would have a lifeboat to keep things under way with. Many point and shoots are good at macro and can reach the standard for web display. Point and shoots do not require a State Funeral and Mandated Period of Mourning if they get busted.

Blue Heron said...

Would cut my throat first.

Sanoguy said...

As Jon suggested, a point and shoot would probably give you adequate quality for displaying on the Interweb. Save your throat!

Blue Heron said...

As I said, will never happen. I would shoot with a Canon first and that is never going to happen either.

Sanoguy said...

Oh my, Kemosabe, cut men to the quick!!

Carol Voorhis said...

I was reading about your exciting new venture of an online auction. Can't wait to follow it on line.

Then read about the unfortunate accident to the cameras. You must have stood there in disbelief with the blood draining from your face. I am so sorry.

Your nature photography is phenomenal, and one i always look forward seeing.