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Monday, April 12, 2021

Baby love.

 Ray and Kris have a new German Shepherd puppy that is really cute.

She peers into their home in perfect symmetry with their older dog, Bella.

Linda and Dom have a new puppy too. Cute as the dickens. Fourteen weeks old.

I wish I had a dog. Damn I miss my dogs. Duke, Odin, Max, Barfy, Adelia, Kermit, I have had some great ones.

Been too darn long.


Here is my first red tailed hawk baby shot of the year. I see two but I always get fooled, there could easily be one or two more. Their eyes are obviously still closed.  Less than a week old.

Time will tell.

1 comment:

Ken Seals said...

Great shot and I'm glad to see the babies in there.