Jelly, jelly so fine

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Morning rambling

The boys at coffee can get philosophical at times. This morning Joel asked what you would pick if you had the choice between a handful of money and no friends or a handful of friends and no money. I picked the latter.

Jay said that only a person in a strong financial position would or could make that choice.


Do you ever wonder about the people who drive around by themselves in their cars with their masks on and the windows rolled up? I do. What is up with that?


Jon Harwood said...

Driving around town with a mask on and the windows up is a GREAT idea, but it won't work unless one adds a tinfoil hat.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes forget to take it off, usually a brief time, but have driven around that way a few times. ~ Diane O

Stacy said...

I do it just to irritate the judgmental.