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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Fire when ready

I am pretty sure that I know what a libertarian is. 

A libertarian is a capitalist who believes in the right to discriminate against other people and who also likes to get stoned. 

They have their own online forum now, Reason, funded by the Koch Network.

I saw this interesting article over at Reason yesterday, Scofflaws paved the way for legal marijuana.

"Willingness to break the law to do things that people know they have every right to do helps to make it acceptable for others to follow suit. As more people engage in illegal activities, those activities become less alien and threatening even to those who have no interest in joining the party and reveal legal restrictions as unenforceable. That makes it seem increasingly attractive to call off the cops and leave people alone to live their lives."

Having smoked for about 85% of my life at this point, the great majority of the time breaking a law or two along the way, I guess I agree with this guy. All this time I have been a warrior for the greater good and social change. 

Who knew?


In any case, today is 4/20, the pot smokers ersatz Christmas. Carries the same spiritual gravitas and authenticity as Festivus or Kwaanza, I suppose. A lot of my friends are totally into it. 

I must confess that I don't get worked up or excited about marijuana any more, more like brushing my teeth or drinking milk. Not going to bake a cake over the whole thing.

I'm old school. Don't want to hear about the new strains, they ruined a lot of great sativa when the indica craze hit and we lost them forever. 

Don't believe in a lot of indoor, don't trust the growers to flush poisons or not to over fertilize, still an outdoor sativa organic caveman. Sun, water and earth. Simple equation.

I don't vape, the lungs can't bong, truth is, I rarely even smoke anymore, an occasional hit on a joint is fine. I think it's legal now. But the thrill is gone, I'm not going full scale dreadlocks or religious about anything at this point in my life. The pot culture sort of bores me. I have other hobbies.

But you folks, go ahead and fire away. If you want to smoke, smoke, if you don't, don't. 

Have a good time either way. Happy four twenty.


Anonymous said...

That libertarian quote is scary, I think it's the same rationale used by the Man-Boy Love Association...and others...

Blue Heron said...

It is not a quote, merely my summation and opinion. They want to let the market cure discrimination, very dangerous attitude. Rand gone wild.

Liz said...

I am waiting for July when I can legally have smoke in the house. Hopefully I can buy it locally. I really need it for pain. Won’t smoke it - I want get edibles.

I really don’t like modern weed. I still want the Mexico dirt weed we grow up with. The stuff I can get today is just too damn strong. I didn’t especially want hash when we were using it. Too damn sensitive and allergic to the.

Anonymous said...

Uhm....oh wow man. I forgot what I wanted to say.