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Sunday, April 25, 2021



You honestly think that your "rights" to infect loved ones and total strangers with covid equates to the struggles black people faced when forced to sit at the back of the bus? Unbelievable. Jessica Alexander is a real beaut.

Alexander, a business owner, ex-New York Police Department officer and Marine Corps veteran, was elected in November to the council’s District 2 seat, which represents central Temecula.

She helped organize a protest Nov. 1 at City Hall that featured discussion on topics such as “family, education, abortion, dehumanization, false social fear, defending the police, Socialism, Marxism, and Communism followed by prayer vigil,” a protest news release stated.

Covid 19 is still infecting people and it is still killing people. New deadly variants are emerging. This is not the time for grandiose self delusion or to soapbox about your personal liberties being abridged. I would appreciate you not infecting me.


I wasn't feeling well post second covid shot and went home early yesterday. I made a big mistake. I started watching Karen videos. Like this one. Or this. or even this. I watched a bunch more but then felt even sicker and decided I had to stop. Some of these people are downright psycho

But there is a recurrent theme, we are sovereign citizens, we will also decide which laws apply to us and we are really stupid, not to mention foul mouthed. I presume this anti masker, sovereign citizen movement has to be coming from the evangelical church. And they also don't seem to respect the rights of private businesses to set rules inside their establishments.

I will say it again, if you want to get covid and don't care, have at it, but unfortunately you don't know if you are a carrier until it is too late and then it is my rights and person that are being abridged.


My troll wrote that Trump was living in my head, why do I continue to post articles like the EPA article I posted a few days ago that show his despicable policies in hiding toxic pollution data or talk about five dollar ladders scaling billion dollar border walls?

The reason is accountability. It is not about attacking Trump, it is about challenging the people that voted for him to take ownership of the consequences of his policies. We have to live with the results of many of his horrible decisions. You own it.

And if Biden caves on Iran or his progressive wing and does a bunch of stupid stuff I will own it. That is the way it works.


Anonymous said...

Yes, they want to forget everything Trump has done. It's not going to go down that way, sorry. He will be the bad example we learn from for decades to come so get used to it, Trumpers.

Sanoguy said...

This mask hysteria is f...ing nuts... what’s the big deal for having to wear a mask? If your exhalation can be contained to prevent someone else getting a potentially fatal disease, why not just wear the damn thing?

I recently flew to Hawaii and wore one at the airport and for a total of about 8 hours.. it didn’t kill me. You can wear one for 30 minutes at the market or for an hour at church or wherever you meet up with people. Be kind to others, people!

Blue Heron said...

I agree with you Mike. Petulant babies.