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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Need some help

This double sided botanical illustration was painted by the great San Diego artist Albert Valentien.

It was part of a group of paintings of Southern California wildflowers painted for Ellen Browning Scripps.

It was exhibited at the Cincinnati Exhibition Albert Valentien; The California Years in the year 2000. 

It is #8 in the catalogue.

Can any of you plant types tell me what either of these two wildflowers or weeds are? 

I am going to be putting it in my auction next month and would like to label it properly.

It would be very helpful if I knew. Perhaps the one of the back is buckwheat?

Thank you,

Robert Sommers


postscript: Shawn thinks it might be Rosey Allium.

Good morning Robert

My girlfriend Emma Reece, who identifies plants as part of her work reckons the top painting might be Silene latifolia and the other one might indeed be Allium roseum...


Anonymous said...

California Native Plant Society's facebook page has some very knowledgeable members that should be able to help you get the answers right away.

Blue Heron said...

Unfortunately I don't facebook. Could you do it for me?

shawnintland said...

Not sure, been away from N. American species for a few decades but...look up "Poa", there are a few hundred species..good luck!
And the second one is perhaps allium roseum, aka; rosy garlic.
Let me know what you think after comparing them.

shawnintland said...

Naaa, sorry those new ones are Limonium sinuatum. AKA Statice/sea-lavender/caspia or marsh-rosemary.