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Friday, April 30, 2021

Strange bird

You live in a place for a long time you get to know the familiar sounds. First thing you notice here are the frogs and coyotes at night, I guess. We wake up with the mockingbirds, I love them, some don't. Orioles are fine singers. It is a real symphony.

You also notice when something different is about. The huge bobcat we saw last week. They sighted a mountain lion at the end of our road recently. My giant ringtail.

Last night Leslie and I both woke up at 3:30. There was a bird very close in a tree making a call neither of us had ever heard before. We got up and talked about it, I have no idea what it was but it was big. There are now peacocks in the valley but it was not a peacock.

My friend Joel lives about two miles down river away from me on Riverview. I saw him at coffee this morning and he starts to tell me about the weird  bird sound he heard at 3:30 last night. Thing must have flown down river.


I have been so busy I am out of all my old routines. The hawks are getting huge in the nest and I don't have the time to stop and get a shot. I have been working fourteen hour days on my auction, up at six and back after nine.

Have so much work, it has been freaking me out but I think I have finally hit my stride. Making progress every day, taking bites out of it and just pushing forward. After a near nervous breakdown yesterday I am okay again, I think in about three or four more days the material will be sent in to publish.

I had no idea it would be this much work, frankly. Big Dave told me not to give up, to keep pushing. I threw the i ching hexagram before completion. If the fox almost crosses the river but gets his tail wet at the last second it is all for naught. I am on guard and giving it my best shot.

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