Thursday, April 22, 2021

Happy birthday Joel


My coffee buddy Joel had a birthday today. His sweet wife Laurel surprised him with a cake which he shared with his pals. 


McDaniels brought a tractor in and mowed the fields at my house yesterday, something that happens annually. Glad to see it. I always feel better when I see the place looking tidier. Here is a pre mow shot from the back. As you can see, my old greenhouse is in pretty sad shape.


Sprinkled last night. Garden is happy. Here are some shots including another shot of the shorter flower spike on the variegated agave.


I saw a huge bobcat the day before yesterday jump off the road into the brush. Maybe the largest I have ever seen. A hundred yards away comes walking Beth and her poodle puppy. I rolled the car window down and told her to be careful but she trudged ahead. I saw her yesterday and she said her husband Charlie, who jogs on the road, saw the bobcat too and said it was the largest he had ever seen. This one was very light in color. She said that her dog was sniffing the ground at the spot where I saw it. The young hawks continue to grow up. I am so busy with work I don't even have time to stop and take a shot.

Although I will get my second covid shot this evening. Make time for that.



Isak said...

Happy Earth Day to you two too! From the looks of the land and its beauty, you live on blessed ground.

Blue Heron said...

Thanks Isak. A small island in Southern California that hasn't been destroyed yet.