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Monday, March 4, 2019

Elias Bustamante, rest in peace

This morning I was informed that Mr. Bustamante had died. A grand duke of antique promotion, he conducted himself at all times with the utmost class and dignity. Smart as hell, sharp as a tack. I will remember our long talks before his shows with happiness and joy.

We did many of his shows when we were starting out, far fewer in the latter days. The best part was my interaction with him. He liked talking to me for some reason. A legend, a classic, he taught many what it meant to approach the antique business with integrity and professionalism. And he enjoyed a very interesting life, much of it in service to his country.

Many in my trade owe much to him, for giving dealers an elegant forum to ply their wares and for teaching them how to deal with the public in a satisfactory manner.

He will be greatly missed.

I always enjoyed taking his picture. He liked to stand out and catch a little sunshine in the morning, before the hubbub started. Above I got a rare candid smile one such morning. This is the first time I have ever shared it with anyone.


Lance Jekel said...

He was a wonderful man it was such an honor to know him and exhibit at his antiques shows.

Nancy B. Cooper said...

Busti was one of the very few Major Icons in my life. He has the utmost respect from me, and had a major impact on my life, and very much enhanced my antiques shows experiences. My heartfelt condolences to his family for their loss. ~Nancy B. Cooper

Clifford Porazynski said...

I will always be grateful to Busti for giving our fledgling business a good start in 1982, when we did our first "Brooks Hall" show in San Francisco. It was an exciting time for Richard and I. We were just a couple of "Kids" then stepping up to the big time from doing flea markets and the like. Buste always organized everything and everything always went smoothly. We have so many great memories of seeing the entire Family being up early in the morning way before the opening of the Pasadena show, having a nice breakfast together. Buste was a great mentor and we will miss you and the great times.

Anonymous said...

Chief Master Sargent Elias E. Bustamante was my role model during my tour of duty at Castle Air Force Base (1966-1969). I will never forget the man and his excellent consul.
Sgt. C. R. Parker