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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Trump makes fun of Beto's hand gestures

“Well, I think he’s got a lot of hand movement. I’ve never seen so much hand movement. Is he crazy or is that just the way he acts?” Donald Trump on Beto O'Rourke.


Remember this one? Seems to be a habit with this guy, mocking other people.
So very classy. Anybody think he is remotely funny? People in glass houses...

Not to belabor but the it better not get violent because I have the cops, military and bikers on my side argument is a new low in the already putrid legacy of this man. Sounds like he was emotionally arrested in junior high and thinks we are actually living in a West Side Story fight scene.

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Anonymous said...

re Trump mocking others "typical of the authoritarian mindset is that they spend a lot of energy trying to damage their opponents; what is crucial is that [their] own power be vindicated, and real or perceived enemies crushed". p 183, The Party is Over; read p184 "authoritarian followers" and understand a little better how trump was elected; explains the likes of Newt & the Bush/Cheney crew also

going to re-read Fromm, Escape From Freedom (I should have paid more attention to this one in college)...there were snippets in Republican Gomorrah that are relevant more than ever