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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Bird Day

I went birding today with my friends from Prescott, Bob and Sandy. We left pretty early. I took them out to my favorite place. It was a great day, cool breezes, perfect weather. Lots of birds, some that I had never seen out there before. We got a nice walk in.

Butcher bird

But my photographs were not really up to par. I am not sure why but my camera took a tumble off the back seat the other day and am hoping that it is not out of kilter.

I will have to figure it out. Things are looking a little bit soft, although this Nuttal's woodpecker looks pretty good.


We didn't get out to the Walker Ponds soon enough to catch the morning mist, will have to get up earlier next time and try again. 

No eagles today although I did espy a peregrine perched on a rock very far away. 

Ruddy Duck

The camera seems okay with low speed static subjects, the autofocus for birds in flight is where things are screwing up.

Red shouldered hawk

Northern Harrier


I did see the kite today, one of my favorite raptors, but it was so far away that I offer this picture for no other reason than proof.

I have no idea what that red thing is in the ibis mouth, the tongue? 

All I know is that I didn't alter anything. Very strange.

This ring necked pheasant male is a first for me out there. One of the coolest things I have shot in a while. Maybe a stray from the Ramona Hunt Club? 

Beautiful bird, no matter what.

The other thing we saw, that Bob or Sandy spotted, was a long eared owl, first one I have seen out there. 

Was in a dark, not ideal position but I did the best I could.

Maybe it wasn't such a bad day after all?

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