Jelly, jelly so fine

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Walk Away


island guy said...

Yep, knew about mercury and mad hatters. Guess despite your protean intellectual range that you’ve never gone down that particular rabbit hole. I’m sure you would ace the Alice B. Toklas exam, guess not so much ones on Lewis Carrol and Minimata Bay. Did your science classes let the students handle liquid mercury bare handed like mine did? Take care, lot’s of hard to recognize hazards out there.

Blue Heron said...

Like most kids, I had a huge fascination with mercury. Used to do all sorts of cool stuff with it on the floor of my garage in El Paso. Such an interesting way it moves, like nothing else. Probably nearly did myself in playing with the stuff. I don't know a lot of stuff, my wife reminded me of a basic ignorance only at dinner tonight, me not knowing that there was no more outdoor dining with the new covid laws here. In my defense, when I tried out for Jeopardy (way back in the Art Fleming days) I was one of three people out of 160 that passed the test to get on the show.