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Saturday, December 26, 2020


22 & 1/4" diameter

Chambered Ammonite 7"x7"  $350.00
My friends Leven and Bethany Jester are long time mineral and fossil dealers that live in Fallbrook. 

They have a company called Paleofacts and they have traveled all over the world finding and trading rare specimens for decades. Much of their material comes from Morocco.

Because of Covid 19 concerns, like many of us, their wings have been clipped this year. Their livelihood, like mine, is heavily dependent on shows and there have been no mineral or antique shows for over a year. Who knows when things will be safe again? They need to move some merch.

Leven and Beth have a surfeit of beautiful table tops for sale at extremely discounted prices. They are chock full of ammonites and trilobites and all sorts of other kinds of prehistoric creatures. They are simply gorgeous and they come in a large variety of colors and sizes. Every table is a unique look at the distant past.

21 & 1/2" x 30 & 3/4"
These slabs make beautiful coffee and end tables. They can also be used to make a stunning backsplash or countertop in a kitchen or bathroom.
21' orthoceras fossil,
425 myo sahara desert region,
Morocco, polished limestone marble.

Give them a call and check out their website. 

$35  - 7 x 5" covered box

Polished bookends - $30

They have a huge inventory of other wonderful fossils and minerals in all sorts of useful configurations. 

These specimens will make a great late Christmas gift for your friends or even for yourself.

They have ovals in sizes up to 24 x 40". Prices start at $250 per tabletop.

The Jesters can be reached at 760-731-0703.

23 x 34"

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