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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Listen til the cows come home

You either love the Grateful Dead or you don't, as the late Jerry Garcia used to say, they're like black licorice and not for everybody. I do, but I can't listen to them 24/7 anymore and too much black licorice will kill you.

It, of course, will take a lot longer than 24/7 to listen to their entire body of work. I currently have literally thousands of hours on cd, thanks to my friend Vlad.

A man named Steven Doc has just put out a 346 hour long chronological Spotify playlist for the Grateful Dead. I am not sure exactly how comprehensive it is, but damn, how much more do you need?

I have Spotify but rarely use it. I am going to wade through this thing, try to find a nugget from that Fresno concert in 78 where I might have been a little incapacitated. Try to figure out what I think I heard...


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Vlad is the best in the west! He has sent me a few Grateful Dead care packages long time ago. One time I copied a dozen of those Vlad shows and mailed them off to our dear old friend Mr Teague. Teague loved it, he called me and said Brian I'm the neighborhood hero! Doesn't that sound like something he would say.