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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Strange Times

You get used to checking certain things out when you are a birder. I know the trees where particular birds like to roost. There's a tall tree by Maurer where the red shouldered hangs out, two tall sycamores by Latimer where the twin red tails perch every morning and survey their keep. A coopers sits on the wire in front of the barn near Vista Del Rio.You keep a tab on the usual spots around town.

And until very recently there was a tall tree on the north side of Brandon that was a longtime home to a red tailed hawk. I noticed today that somebody went and cut the tree down, guess it was dead. Probably won't see that bird again. I hate it when we lose the old trees because alive or dead, they provide necessary structure for my avian pals. But the old shopping cart across the street in front of Fallbrook Old Town, that will most likely be there forever. 

I paid a street person ten bucks the other day to pull it out of the creek there and drag it down to the police station but he came back empty handed. He basically refused, said it wasn't enough bread for the job, did I know how greasy it was? I tried to enlist his community spirit but he wanted another ten spot and I wasn't in the mood so I guess it will stay on top of the bank now until kingdom come. Bums, no work ethic...

Things don't stay the same, do they? We used to have a real life, honest to goodness DuPont living on the top of our road where Mission intersects with Willow Glen. Place sold a couple times, now there are multiple washing machines and old trucks in the front yard.

Whole place is going to hell.

Some of the street people are getting real scary. People are wondering if they are escapees from the mental unit up the hill. Guy threw his bike down and was acting out real strange yesterday, scared a few gentle folk. I flagged a cop, he heard my story, smiled and drove off. Later a woman I know was assaulted by a different tweaker. Cops arrested the perp and then immediately let her go. People are running over pedestrians, bicycles, place is going to hell.

Judge decided yesterday that contrary to county health  recommendations restaurants can now open to the public, as long as somebody inside is taking their clothes off that is. Have to have some skin in the game. Gyms are closed but strip clubs and churches are apparently sacrosanct.


Postscript: We had coffee this morning. When we left there was a guy in the cab of Paul R.'s truck. Same guy that was trying to break into cars and stores last week. Didn't call the cops, no point, they don't do anything when we do call them.

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