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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Car Guys

Paul's car

I drove down to Daniel's in Bonsall this morning to see my pals and their cars. I hang out every morning with a bunch of old hot rodders and drag racers. Great people. I used to call them the hoodlums but the truth is we are all pretty much the same. Some of these guys have had fast cars for over fifty years. I learn a lot from them.

They show up every Saturday morning about seven and shoot the bull.

My pop was into cool cars and I guess I appreciate them too but as a guy who will never live off anyplace but a dirt road, will never own one myself. 

This is my buddy Jay. Jay has been a long time dragster owner and driver as well as an ex i.t. guy who has traveled all over the world.

I got a ding in my door at the gas pump week and Jay pounded it out yesterday for me. Super people.

This is Ray, a very funny and industrious guy who knew when it was time to leave West Texas. Consummate deal maker.

My friends Joel and Paul were there too as well as a lot of other fine people. You don't see a lot of masks out here but I promise I was wearing one so don't start.

Show up some Saturday morning and enjoy the metal and the camaraderie!

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Anonymous said...

Nice stuff, but yes I will start, the covid cases are up to 21 a day in 92028 zip. The highest before this was 12. Bonsall is somewhat better, but their usual low of 1 or 2 is up to 5 cases in three days. It's bad out there.