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Saturday, December 12, 2020

Latest offerings

I have sending a lot of work to auction in this year of covid 19 and no antique shows. Things have been going very well.

I own these two Snow White Disney Cells from 1937 with my friend Bill. They go off in a half hour. I think that we will do okay. The auction has been pretty strong today.

They are painted on what is known as a Courvoisier background and were retailed to the public very early on.

I learned something new from the auctioneer. Do you know where the phrase "mad hatter" came from?

In the 18th century furriers used mercury nitrate to tan the furs of rabbits and similar small game and turn them into hat felt.

Mercury nitrate exposure caused tremors, emotional and mental instability and hallucinations and basically whacked out the hat makers, hence the phrase.

My mom's dad was a furrier that worked from home. My mom hated the chemical smell, was embarrassed to bring friends over. Wonder if it added to the cumulative family crazy?

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